I found Leonie while searching online in preparation for my daughter's 5th birthday party.  Leonie was local, and received such wonderful reviews that I thought I'd hire her.  What 5 year old girl doesn't want a sparkly butterfly on her face?  Anyway, I can say from the moment I first emailed her for her availability until she left the party, Leonie was completely professional, warm and friendly.  We had several small children and very shy children at the party, but Leonie was so warm and gentle, even the shyest of them were not afraid to get their face painted.  She was absolutely wonderful.  The parents of my daughter's friends also commented on how wonderful she was, and how talented she was.  The designs she created for the children were very professional.  It may be possible to be as good as Leonie, but I would bet that nobody is better than she is. OK, enough gushing.  If you want a fantastic face-painter who is wonderful with all kids, you will be as happy as I am that I hired her and happy with the whole experience. I may be hiring her again in the future as I have two daughters.
-Tina Z. 08/23/2013 Birthday Party, San Anselmo, CA

Leonie was as amazing and as professional as everyone describes her to be.  She painted nearly 25 children's faces (maybe more) in an hour and a half... each child had a unique and beautiful design (my favorite was a hello kitty with a gold glitter nose that she did on a little red headed girl -- absolutely stunning).   Children were literally mesmerized watching her paint the other kids' faces.  She was the highlight of our party and many parents took her card, or asked me how I had found her.  What struck me the most about Leonie is how sophisticated and artistic she was -- exactly the type of person you are happy to have at your children's birthday party.  I have actually never written a Yelp review before, but Leonie was just that good.
-Melissa L. . 06/02/2013 Birthday Party, Sausalito, CA

It was such a thrill for both kids and adults to have their faces painted by Leonie. She is an amazing artist and very professional.
-L. B. . 04/22/2013 Birthday Party, San Rafael, CA

Thanks again for your efforts at our daughter's 3yo birthday party. You were the HIGHLIGHT of our party, not just for the kids, but for the adults as well!! I'm sure none of the parents arrived at our party thinking they'd want their face painted, but after looking at your book of samples we were all eager to get ours done, too. Your designs were amazing, and I appreciated your professionalism both before the party and during. We will recommend you without reservation to all of our friends and neighbors.
-Caroline R. 04/14/2013 Birthday Party, Greenbrae, CA

Leonie was amazing! We had her scheduled to come to our event about half way through and the second she got set-up, she was an instant hit. Professional, nice and talented. I will definitely book her again and will be recommending her to my friends.
-Matt W. 06/25/2012 Birthday Party, Fairfax, CA

Leonie was the hit of the party.  This was a 60th birthday for a friend of mine, with 125 guests of all ages attending.  People loved her!  From eagle faces to mermaid scales, she is a wonderful artist and a delight to work with.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.  Now I'm trying to cook up another party just so we can have Leonie back!!
-Sally S. 06/23/2012 Birthday Party, Berkeley, CA

Leonie was great!  She arrived on time and was even dressed up as the theme of the party - a Pirate.  She was patient and caring with all of the children and even stayed a little late so that everyone could get their face painted.  Her face painting was amazing - my son didn't want to wash his face that evening before bed!  We will definitely request for her to be at  his 5th birthday party next year!
-Emily V. 05/21/2012 Birthday Party, San Rafael, CA

Leonie is lovely, professional and has incredible talent. She transforms faces into any and everything.. each being unique.
She is adored by both children and adults and I would use her services again and again as well highly recommend her to anyone
wanting quality painted faces at their event.
-Lisa B. 11/17/2011 Birthday Party, Mill Valley, CA

The photos are precise and represent the talent and beauty of her artwork. She is wonderful with children and people of all ages.
I have had her into our home for two birthday celebrations and she is phenomenal, extremely reasonable and always has a line.
You wont be disappointed with her skills and the gift you give your friends and family!
-CC Cap. 11/11/2011 Birthday Party, Mill Valley, CA

Kidzfaces was the hit of our recent Halloween party with about 100 kids in Marin! Leonie did an amazing job and every kid looked like walking art work!
She was super polite and kept everything under control. I would highly recommend her. We will hire her again for a birthday party coming up. Thank you Kidzfaces! All pro!
-Melissa Bradley, 10/30/2011 Halloween Party, San Rafael, CA

I hired Leonie and it was the best experience ... the kids and adults lined up for amazing face painting and glitter tattoos at my daughter's 8th birthday party....
She has spectacular talent and I highly recommend Leonie for all ages..
-Casey D. 8/12/2011 Birthday Party, Novato, CA

If I was to rate Leonie from 1 to 10 with ten at the top I would give her a 15. Not only is the face painting phenomenal ( like none I have ever seen ) she is on time professional and just great!!!
We have hired her for 3 events now and not just kids parties. The face painting she does is magical.

-Marion M., 6/5/2011 Birthday Party, Mill Valley, CA

Leonie is by far the best face painter I have ever seen. We hired her for the Storybook Ball event and she must have painted over 75 children's faces.
Each one was better than the next. We loved her, the parents loved her and everyone said they've never seen more profession face painting. She sets the bar high!

-Peg B. 5/15/2011 Storybook Ball, Mill Valley, CA

Leonie turned our birthday party into an amazing and unforgettable day. We had 16 children of all ages in our yard with very eclectic interests and needs.
Leonie's face painting caught each and everyone's attention and after two hours of incredible fun our yard was filled with joyous tigers, spidermen, fairies, cats, ladybugs and rainbows.
Thank you Leonie, we will surely have you back again.

-Andrea H. 5/1/2011 Birthday Party, Mill Valley, CA

Leonie was wonderful, we will use her in the future for sure and recommend her to others. It made our Daughters party very special and memorable. Thank you!
-Rhonda G. 1/8/2011 Birthday Party, Napa, CA

Thank you for your wonderful art Leonie. You are an amazing artist! The children and adults had so much fun with your face painting.
I could not have asked for any one better to do the entertainment. I'm glad I found you on line and hope you will be available next year again
for Maya's 4th birthday.

-Aura S. 12/05/2010 Birthday Party, San Rafael, C

I can't say enough how good Leonie was with her designs and with her demeanor in handling the 20+ kids at our party...yes, 20+.
The kids loved her work and she was really patient and friendly with each. That is difficult to do with 20 rug rats hanging over you.

-Steve F. 5/16/2010 Birthday Party, San Rafael, CA

Magnificent, outrageously talented, beautiful, perfectly accommodating, delightful in every way, friendly, awesome, name a few.
Kids and adults loved her. Wow...I mean just WOW. She was perfection - her skills amazed me. Fairies to skulls to cats to you name it.
And the face paint lasted and lasted - didn't come off until you were ready to wash it. For as long as she's painting faces, she will be at my parties!
-Sondra L. 5/2/2010 Birthday Party, San Francisco, CA

Leonie was superb - I would use her again in a heartbeat.
-Jenn L. 5/1/2010 Birthday Party, Berkeley, CA

This lady is talented and so sweet! She is great with children. I recommend her to everyone!
-Elizabeth B. 4/3/2010 Birthday Party, Novato, CA

Leonie was absolutely perfect! Everything about her was very professional from dress to the way she treated us as hosts.
She was very warm to all the children and very very, accommodating. She did a fantastic job with our party and in fact had
many guests asking about her cards. I would not only use her again, I would refer her to my good friends/family. She is a great find.

-Violet T. 11/14/2009 Birthday Party, Danville, CA

Leonie is a super talented face-painting artist. Her designs are unique, and I was impressed at how quickly she worked.
Her presence at our neighborhood party was a huge hit and everyone commented what a special addition she made. We highly recommend her!
-Maria C. 10/31/2009 Halloween Party, Tiburon,

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